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1D in Las Vagas: they had a wild night after their iHeartRadio performance :O

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harry and louis: *interacts on stage after 84 years*
me: *levels up*

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Maybe it's just me but a song that objectifies women by suggesting they "belong" to someone and refers to their significant other as a "girl" does not indicate to me that this band has matured at all. I'm disappointed in the lyrics. Although the beat seems catchy.. Silver lining?


Don’t expect your favorite musicians to be perfect social justice warriors, they will only fail. 

Many adult-market musicians have lyrics that are problematic as hell, some far FAR more eye popping than what little bit we’ve heard in Steal My Girl so far.

I don’t think the lyrics of any of their songs on the new album will have any significant influence in a rebrand (unless of course, they have lyrics that talk about school or something).

Market positioning is all about packaging, PR, wardrobe and industry associations. It really has very little to do with the music, regardless of the musicians being discussed. 

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Being in this fandom is like watching a tv series where the characters change every season, but the plot, the expedients and, most importantly, the plot holes repeat over and over again.

An American Horror Story kind of thing. An English-Irish Horror Story.

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readallaboutlarry said: I was just ranting about this and my problem personally is not with people don’t liking the song , its just the rude things they are saying about it like literally I just saw a post saying that the song was a piece of shit i mean??????

I totally understand,that’s because some people are yet to learn to be polite about their opinion even when it’s a negative one.

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Everyone being passive-aggressive af right now.

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uh what was going on 




no wonder he needed his inhaler calm down styles


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But really though,how is not liking one song equivalent to saying you won’t like the rest of the album.What logic is that.

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