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"why is ziam so real"

—God & everyone (via officialzirry)

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zayn being a jealous boyfriend after seeing Liam’s tweets about Niall
what do you mean this didn’t happen??????

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Anti Larry shippers when they see Larry receipts



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if u love me sign the petition to stop after from being a movie

Please Please fucking sign this please. don’t let this woman make anymore money on trashing harry’s name and promoting abusive relationships. fuck this shit. i’m sick of all this 5o shades of rape and abuse, shut it down

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no. no. no. NO.

Petition to help try and stop the creation of the After Movie.

What else can we do? :/

"Harry won’t even know about After and it won’t affect anyone."

Yeah right

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But did u see zayn’s pajamas ..they’re meant to be :’)

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Zayn: Omg Liam.. 

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#”liam are you cold” ”a bit” ”kay here take this”

“Louis I’m cold too” “Well damn Harry I can’t control the weather”

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when you’re just about to walk out of class and the teacher hands you homework